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15 Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2019

Personalization is what allows the smartphone users to make their device perfect, including a keyboard which is the most used features of any Android phone & tablet. We use it to write SMS & MMS messages, answer to emails, make quick notes and make web searches.

You can download emojis, interesting themes and full of style GIFs for free. Whether you are a new user or advanced or someone who only wants some change, each keyboard app comes with distinct attributes. Let us take a look at some of the 15 Best Android Keyboard Apps for 2019.

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15 Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2019

1. A.I. Type Keyboard

A.I. Type keyboard app for Android employs “artificial intelligence” and goes beyond what the competitions offer. The keyboard delivers a learning system that allows you to compose texts faster than you would with a standard keyboard, and so, it is one of the pioneers in the market for smartphones.

It offers personalization options with plenty of colors and free themes. Hence, flexibility is one of the best features of A.I. Type. Creativity and style are what describes this incredible tool. Another fascinating feature is the ability to add a fifth line with individual keys. You can add an entire row with only special characters to expand punctuation options on the keyboard.   DownloadQR-Code ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji Developer: ai.type Price: €4,19   

2. Slash

If you are always connected to social media networks and consider yourself a fan of chat messengers, then you will certainly want to integrate the Slash Keyboard app indeed. If you love music, you can share songs from Spotify with WhatsApp and Telegram, in addition to YouTube and GIFs.

The search is greatly simplified and possible to do so on the keyboard. Just authorize the permissions required by Slash, and you will have access to several useful options like themes, auto-prediction, and apps- Google Drive, Wikipedia, Maps, Amazon, etc.   DownloadQR-Code Slash Keyboard Developer: Search and Share, Inc. Price: Free   

3. Dextr

For some users, QWERTY isn’t a suitable keyboard because they go on an endless search for the alphabet ‘I’ or ‘E’, that’s why Dextr keyboard app is here to solve this problem.

With Dextr, you will have your keyboard letters systemized in alphabetical order. Adaptable and no-frills, the keys are of the size that matches with the format of fingers. Also, comes with a unique layout for the left-handed and available in more than ten languages.   DownloadQR-Code Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard 2.0 Developer: Appalladium Price: Free+

4. Ginger

Changing the keyboard can make all the difference in your everyday life. More than just a simple keyboard app, Ginger is an improvement tool for text composition.

The primary feature of Ginger is its text prediction analysis, which is quite outstanding and not offered by any rival mobile app. The other two attributes that set Ginger apart are the Spell Checker, which facilitates quick grammatical correction, typing and punctuation and another is the Sentence Recomposition system, which suggests new ways of modifying entire sentences to avoid repetition.

Other benefits include Ginger Page that performs the actions of a notebook for creating texts and documents that are shared with several apps in real-time.   DownloadQR-Code Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs, Themes & Games Developer: GingerSoftware Inc. Price: Free+

5. SlideIT

SlideIT keyboard app has more than 7 million downloads which should tell a lot about this great digital creation. SlideIT is available in 45 languages and features a revolutionary way of writing. It allows you to write words by sliding the letters.

Thus, words appear “magically” on the screen. You can review how this tool is so well ranked and satisfactory by reading the comments on Google Play.   DownloadQR-Code SlideIT Keyboard Developer: Dasur Ltd. Price: Free   

6. Flesky

Flesky is a keyboard app that comes with a lot of themes. It is different from other apps by limiting customization to changing the colors of the keyboard. It also brings a smart and integrated system to ensure that word auto-correction is more accurate and does not result in incomprehensible and disconnected messages.

The app delivers great potential, and it has a reputation as one of the fastest applications available in the Play Store. Its speed and efficiency are possible because it employs a highly advanced word suggestion system. For emoji fans, Flesky brings a more than 800 options providing a more different and cheerful touch to the messages, transforming conversations into a precious moment.   DownloadQR-Code Fleksy: Fast Keyboard + Stickers, GIFs & Emojis Developer: Thingthing Ltd Price: Free+

7. Adaptxt

Adaptxt is the keyboard app of the future. If you still do not know it, you will indeed get clung to its functionalities and sophisticated design that is an eye-candy. It notifies you of the current and upcoming events. If you search for the Olympics, the app will open a small notification on the screen with a link to Wikipedia. It is very intuitive by facilitating your search and options!

Another useful feature is to easily share your written content to Facebook and Twitter, thus keeping you connected to multiple channels at once.

8. Swype

Swype keyboard app is one of the pioneer developers who created the option of swiping fingers through the keys to type them onto the screen. It was the first application to develop this service with more fluency and instrumentality in early versions of the Android operating system. Swype keyboard

Currently, the new version brings a great upgrade to its users. Novelty is support offered to emoji. Moreover, it brings five different themes to change the ‘look n feel’ of a keyboard on smartphones.   DownloadQR-Code Swype Keyboard Developer: Nuance Communications, Inc Price: €1,09+

9. MessagEase Keyboard

Installing the MessagEase keyboard app provides an elevated experience that is unparalleled elsewhere on Android. It was created on several clinical studies.

The keyboard app delivers a scientific learning source that teaches how to write faster, as it supports 82 words per minute!   DownloadQR-Code MessagEase Keyboard Developer: Exideas Price: Free   

10. TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal keyboard app is one of the lesser-known keyboards, but, do not judge a book by its cover. It is powerful enough to rival out any other app easily. The keyboard app brings more than 800 emojis to embellish your conversations, and this is just one of the characteristics available on the system that also contains a gesture control for various character inserts.

Another feature is the space between the keys allow the users to have a better comfort while typing. It avoids typographical mistakes.   DownloadQR-Code TouchPal Keyboard-Cute Emoji,theme, sticker, GIFs Developer: TouchPal Price: Free+

11. Swiftkey

Swiftkey keyboard app has become popular because of its efficiency. Thus, when you start writing a word, it will predict and pop-out what you meant.

It also offers word suggestions based on the context such as an email to your boss. The app employs quick actions in this way which increases the overall speed and accuracy of the text.   DownloadQR-Code SwiftKey Keyboard Developer: SwiftKey Price: Free   

12. Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard allows you to modify the key size. The keyboard app is a great help for users who can not type legibly with small keys. Obviously, bigger the keys, fewer are the options for letters and numbers available in the window.

Its design is akin to the iPhone keyboard. So if you are an Apple fan as well, you are going to love the Smart Keyboard!   DownloadQR-Code Smart Keyboard Pro Developer: Dexilog Price: €2,39   

13. GoKeyboard

GOKeyboard is a well-designed Emoji-free keyboard app to speed up typing and at the same time reduce typos. It supports more than 60 languages with various tailored input methods.

With the choice of more than 140 emoji themes, over 800 free emojis and keyboard layouts, it makes typing an even more exciting and personalized escapade.   DownloadQR-Code GO Keyboard – Cute Emojis, Themes and GIFs Developer: GOMO Price: Free+

14. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma is an improved version of Google’s claim but more modern and creative. Customization and writing are one of the best highlights of Chrooma which provides exclusive emoji options but, if you prefer, the traditional standard is available as well.

The premium package brings variety to those who are interested in expanding the functionality of the keyboard app including the option to sync words and dictionaries with the cloud, also the exclusive mode and colors that fit on screens AMOLED which is ideal in places with little light or darkness.   DownloadQR-Code Chrooma Keyboard – RGB & Chameleon Theme Developer: GameLounge – Keyboard and Loopsie app for Android Price: Free+

15. Thumb Keyboard

The primary goal of Thumb Keyboard app is to achieve excellent ergonomics for the user and this, it gives the possibility of using the keyboard in several ways. In addition to the standard layout, it has other options that you can use depending on the size of your smartphone or tablet.

You can also make changes to the color of your Android keyboard or modify the toolbar. The downside is that it is not free, but it is worth the investment cost only $ 2.99   DownloadQR-Code Thumb Keyboard Developer: Beansoft Price: €2,14   

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Android keyboard apps are practical, smart, fast learning and easy to use. Just choose and activate a keyboard app of your choice when talking to friends or composing messages. Having the right keyboard is the key!

So, here was our list of the 15 Best Keyboard Apps for Android 2019 to help you choose from the best and the most popular keyboard app options found on the Google Play Store. Use them, and share with us your unique experiences with us in the comments section.

If there’s a keyboard app that we have missed, do make a mention and tells us why you love it so much! As always, help our efforts by sharing the article with everyone you know and provide us with your valuable feedback. Keep visiting Android Crush for more such amazing posts!

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